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Today we will look at the best VPNs that you can try for free.

The case for Premium VPN V.S. free VPN

A free VPN is the best choice for short-term use or testing purposes, but if you are looking for a VPN for a long-term use, you must tap into a paid VPN services. 
So free V.S. paid trial VPN:
Privacy If you don’t like free VPNs, just forget your privacy. According to research, most free VPNs are found to collect user data and sell it to data companies. However, at the same time, paid VPN services will provide you with 100% privacy, and users do not need to destroy their data. No log or zero log strategy According to the zero log policy, VPN services must not collect data or share your data with authorities or any government agency. 

Free VPNs will not provide a no-log policy, but paid VPN services such as NordVPN and ExpressVPN will provide a 100% no-log policy. 

Bandwidth blocking 

If you use free VPN services, you will find that your bandwidth is blocked, or they can control your bandwidth. However, paid VPN will never block or control your bandwidth.

HTTPS browsing 
Or secure Internet Paid VPN services follow a strict HTTPS browsing policy, so all content that users search, browser or visit will be encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption. Therefore, in any attack situation, the attacker will not be able to decipher or track the user's information. I should say sorry, because some free VPNs may provide a 100% HTTPS browser, while some do not. 

Server location 

The free VPN service will provide you with the service of accessing the Internet through one or two servers, but if you want to access the Internet through multiple servers, you need to obtain a paid VPN service. 

Internet speed 

As we discussed before, a free VPN will block bandwidth, which will also slow down your internet speed. But at the same time, if you choose a paid VPN service, you may never complain about slower Internet speed because it won't stop your speed. 

Data coverage or utilization The free VPN service has some limitations, so you can only get 300-500 MB of data in 24 hours.
The paid VPN service will allow unlimited access to the maximum data. Connecting device When choosing a paid VPN service, you can connect to multiple devices (depending on the different providers). But a free VPN only allows you to connect to only one device at a time. Customer Support For free VPN, no customer support will be provided, but if you have a premium VPN service, any complaints will get your immediate support. Torrent-Netflix-Hulu-Amazon Prime-Sports Streaming-BBC iPlayer If you have a free VPN, you cannot access any of the above services. You need to obtain a paid VPN to access them.

customer support VPN

Features -

- The ability to request your VPN address (only when you request your VPN with a valid address of a personal website or mobile app)

- The ability to use public IP addresses (e.g. with access required from https://www.nipcouch.com. Use private IPs using VPN and you will need an external link to use your private IP on any online file sharing website).

- Allows the customer to request that their proxy be used automatically by the service provider or proxy provider.

- The ability to delete  web address

- The right to log into a local and external VPN (through the client) to enable VPN performance.

- The right to log via a secure VPN network (via SSL) to remove the web address or to remove the website from your VPN.

- Access to private web addresses via a single connection (via Tor) (requires an external VPN provider).

- The right to access VPN IP addresses via a proxy (requires more than 1 proxy).

- The right to remove the web address and its content (which may or may not be posted to your VPN domain).

- The ability to sign up for a private Web site (via a proxy).

- The ability to create a user account (via an external VPN

Some free VPNs


 free for 7 days – No credit card required


Offshore privacy protection

ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands, a jurisdiction without data retention laws.

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